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    Pick a stock for your father's investment club

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    Your father is a member of an investment club that invests in common stocks. He has asked you to help him with an assignment to research three stocks traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ and recommend one for purchase. Each club member has been assigned to research companies from a different stock sector. Use the Library, unit resources, and the internet to perform your research and create a table providing the following information about each company. Since the club has a "buy and hold" investment philosophy, it favors companies with consistent, steady sales growth and profitability. After completing the research, indicate which company stocks you recommend for purchase and explain why you selected them.

    The following should be included:

    General Information
    - Company name and symbol (e.g. Exxon Mobil TM [XOM], Google TMGOOG)
    - Current share price (the last close of the preceding day)
    - 52 week highs and lows
    - Market Capitalization (large-, mid-, or small-cap)(choose only 1, be sure to label)
    - Industry (the company's primary area of business)
    - Valuations

    - Current P/E (Price/Earnings)
    - Dividend Rate (5 year growth)
    - Dividend Yield % (last 12 months)
    - Growth Indicators

    - Sales/Revenue
    - Net Income
    - Earnings/Share
    - EPS Estimate FY 2005
    - Profitability Indicators
    - Net Profit Margin %

    Possible Direction in finding stock information to complete this task:
    Yahoo Finance--http://finance.yahoo.com enter symbol or use symbol lookup for help, click go button, on the left navigation bar, choose key statistics.

    MSN Money Central--http://moneycentral.msn.com enter symbol, click go button, use information that appears and/or choose Company Reports.

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