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Managerial Finance

Discussion Question 2:
The European Union has developed the Euro, not only to create a seamless economy within Europe, but also to compete more effectively with the U.S. and the mighty dollar. Do you think the Euro will rival the dollar, long-term, for financial supremacy? Would you buy investments or products in Euro's rather than dollars? Who do you think the next member countries will be to adopt the Euro?

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Hi there,
<br>Do I think the Euro will rival the dollar?
<br>I do indeed think that the Euro will rival the dollar in the long term as investors search to diversify their holdings.
<br>However, part of it depends on the willingness of the world community to accept the legitimacy of the Euro as a currency.
<br>Also, the strength of the euro will ultimately depend on the strength of the eurozone economy. The European ...

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