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Financial reports important to stakeholders

Who are the various stakeholders in a publicly traded corporation, and why is communication of financial reports important to them?

What is the impact on various stakeholders if financial reports are not communicated on a timely basis?

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Stakeholders are those parties who are interested in the organization. They make up the environment of an organization. They include all the stakeholders; within their "family" of employees, customers, vendors, with communities, governments, lenders, investors, and the media. Stakeholders want organizations to pursue goals that are important to them but not necessarily to the organization--such as jobs for workers, safe products, less pollution, and a safe community. Thus they attempt to influence the missions and goals of these organizations.

Thus the shareholder value is just one of the concerns for the corporate management. The interest of the other stakeholders has to be considered independently to be in win-win situation. Some of the stakeholders are:

Share holders
Non ...

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