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    Statement of Users Needs and System Outputs Required

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    Your company, ABC Corp., is considering making a change in its accounting information system. The Finance Director has tasked your team with analyzing the needs of the accounting and financial re-porting system's current users. You must complete a user needs assessment and prepare a document that will be submitted to your organization's information technology department. This needs assessment document will be followed throughout the analysis and design of the new system.

    a. A clear statement of all user needs

    b. Identification of the types of systems outputs required (i.e., types of reports, checks, etc.)

    c. A discussion of the impact and effect on internal and external stakeholders

    d. A summary of how the new AIS will meet previously unmet user needs

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    a. The purchase of an accounting system requires investigating a number areas. One area that often gets lost in the technical assessments of the products is the long-term needs of the organization. It's critical that you evaluate your requirements beyond the immediate future. Businesses grow?and so do their accounting software needs. Further what mush also take place is the assessment of how others in the organization use the application and be sure they are included when you make the buying decision. That is not to imply that everyone's needs should be given equal weight. For example, bookkeepers and data-entry staffers tend to place more emphasis on the data-entry task of getting cash and inventory in and out the door, while CPAs focus on providing management with the necessary financial reports. Too often those making buying decisions rely heavily on the bookkeepers' and data-entry clerks' assessments of ...

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    The solution discusses the statement of users needs and what the system outputs required are. The impact and effect on internal and external stakeholders is determined in a technology company.