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    Excel tutorial

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    Please see attached.

    In column F you will find some cells and data exhibiting many of the skills you need to learn.

    It is assumed you can copy and paste data.

    This part describes how cells F6 through F10 were prepared.

    To get the dark bold outline (from the top of row 5 to the bottom of row 10) you should use the outline/border icon on the formatting toolbar (in Excel 2007, find this on the formatting ribbon). Highlight all rows from 5 to 10. Then click the drop-down arrow beside the outline/border icon. Select the broad border icon.

    You can then highlight row 9 and repeat and select the narrow bottom border.

    The $ mark is achieved through two steps. First, highlight the cells (5 through 10) and click the $ mark format icon. Then highlight again and click twice on the fewer decimal point icon to remove the decimals.

    To put the total in row 10, click on the cell F10, then type =subtotal(9,F5:F9)

    Try this yourself for rows 14-16. Put the total in cell F17. You should get a total of $1,399.

    The other skills you need can be practiced with cells H4 through J7.

    First, you need column I to be wider. To achieve this, place your cursor in the space between columns I and J on the label row and quickly click twice (double click).

    Next you need the total from cell F17 in cell J6. Place your cursor in J6, press the "=" key, then point to cell F17, then hit enter. (This process will also work across separate tabs.)

    Third, in cell J7, type =subtotal(9,J5:J6)
    This produces a total just like in cell F10, when you make another "subtotal" that crosses over this cell, the subtotal will be ignored.

    Now make an appropriate label for row H through J7.

    Finally, practice your formatting skills.

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