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Critique - Ten Ways to Create Shareholder Value

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Write a critique of the attached article. The critique should include aspects such as, What is the author saying? What, if any, facts or data are provided? What are the author's arguments? Are the arguments supported? What are the implications? What is omitted?

10 Ways to Create Shareholder Value
By Alfred Rappaport

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The solution provides a detailed crtique of the article. All aspects have been covered in detail.

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10 Ways to Create Shareholder Value
by Alfred Rappaport

The article provides a deep insight into ten steps that companies can take to create shareholder value. Author Rappaport has effectively used real life examples and simple techniques to explain the main areas that need to be looked into to help businesses created stakeholder value. Here the author has developed the article in a very simple, clear, crisp and precise manner and the overall readability of the article is high. A brief summary of the steps to create shareholder value is discussed below.

Principle 1: Do not manage earnings or provide earnings guidance: The author has expressed that a research showed that only 20% of the respondents were focused on the value creation stages like research and development, etc. However almost 80% of the respondents do not focus on the value creating and are willing to forgo the value creating stages in order to meet the earning benchmarks. Here the author explains how this is not an effective manner for business. A very strong and excellent point has been made here, "Those that can no longer meet investor expectations end up destroying a substantial portion, if not all, of their ...

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