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Financial Analysis and Planning

Could you help me calculate the sales-to-assets ratio, the profit margin, and the return on the two firms listed below;

Sales Profits Assets
Federal Stores $100 $10 $50
General Stores 20 4 20
(Financial data is in the millions)

If these two companies were to merge and the federal stores continued to sale goods worth $100 million, could you show me how the three financial ratios would change?

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The sales to asset ratio is calculated by dividing sales by the assets. For federal stores it is 100/50 = 2 and for General Stores it is 20/20=1.
The Profit Margin is calculated by dividing the profit by sales. For Federal Stores it is 10/100=10% and for ...

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The solution provides calculations for various ratios for Federal Stores and General Stores and a merger of two