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Risk Management - Feasibility studies

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What is a feasibility study and what are its key parts?

Please explain it in your own words and provide online source link.

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A Project Feasibility study looks at the viability of a venture in terms of marketing, technical, management, financial, and socio-economic desirability.

Key parts:

1.) Marketing Aspect
This part of the study quantifies the market, including existing and future suppliers and buyers, pricing, marketing strategies, and distribution channels.
In the marketing aspect of the project, the following data are needed:
a.) Demand for the past five years
b.) Supply for the past five years
c.) Projected demand for the next five years
d.) Projected supply for the next five years
e.) Prices for the past five years
f.) Projected Prices for the next five years
g.) Specific production capacity of the project

2.) Technical Aspect This chapter covers the infrastructures ...

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The solution identifies and outlines the details the major parts of a feasibility study- marketing, technical, management, financial, and socioeconomic desirability aspects.

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