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    Entrepreneurial dilemmas and strategies

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    The entrepreneurial process is fraught with dilemmas and successful entrepreneurs must address these dilemmas and develop strategies to resolve them. Identify an entrepreneurial dilemma you believe might be impacting your venture (your feasibility study). Some examples of dilemmas might include: not being able to spend as much time with your spouse; people losing their jobs; the possibility of failure; lack of experience, etc. Explore the dilemma in detail and develop a strategy with action steps to resolve (or at least address) it.

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    I don't have a personal story to share, but have a friend who has recently opened a boutique. My friend is an outstanding fashion designer and seamstress who has been feverishly working to plan a fashion show. She has been working towards establishing professional contacts and attracting commercial buyers. The dilemma she is currently facing is being able to articulate her message to prospective clients. The ...

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    The expert examines entrepreneurial dilemmas and strategies that impact a venture.