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    Greater Number of Controls in Place

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    The greater the number of controls in place, the lower the audit risk and the lesser the work that has to be done by the auditors. Do you agree?

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    I would agree if this were worded differently. I would agree more with this statement:

    The greater the number of effective controls that are in place, the lower the audit risk even though the auditor still must complete a thorough audit.

    -- Therefore, I don't agree with the question. The greater number of controls does not necessarily mean that the auditor can perform less work. The following discussion explains why controls don't always mean that effectiveness is met.

    In my opinion, there are two problems with the statement the way its worded in the question. A company can have countless controls. Even with thousands of controls, they mean nothing if they're bypassed, not monitored, or in any other way ineffective. A control ...

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    This solution explains if audit risk is decreased with a greater number of controls. A thorough discussion is provided.