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    Review attestation engagement: Define and provide an example

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    The review is an attestation engagement and it is generally limited and 'provides only a moderate level of assurance'.

    Question: Define review as attestation engagement and describe an example of an attestation engagement?

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    A review is an attestation engagement that provides only limited assurance (far less than an audit attestation engagement). Auditors have rules about reviews and have to follow specific guidelines for reviews. The main goal of a review attestation engagement is to express limited assurance that no material changes should be made to the financial statement in order for them to be in conformity with general accepted accounting principles.

    During a review, the auditor would perform limited procedures and inquiries. An example is performing analytical ...

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    Your tutorial is 302 words plus a reference. A review engagement is defined and described. An example of review procedures is given and a typical engagement is described. The review report is also described.