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    DQ#3: Name some differences in the privacy laws that exist between the United States and the European Community.

    Who do you think offers the widest net for protection regarding individual privacy?

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    American distrust their government but will gladly hand over their personal information to corporations to get a deal. Europeans on the other hand will give their government broad surveillance powers but they largely forbid private enterprise from accessing any personal data without their written consent.
    <br>US executives think Europeans are missing the marketing opportunity personal data provides and Europeans, see Americans as fast and loos - even callous when it comes to their citizens privacy.
    <br>Europeans see the issue of privacy as a fundamental right not a preference. In the US, citizens see privacy as a legal situation, while it Europe it is more a human condition than a legal condition; it is more a social isse than a litigation issue. In Europe, a customer's right to see his company-held ...