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    Uniform Commercial Code and Interstate Commerce

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    Please help me to answer the following:

    1. The Uniform Commercial Code is an example of what type of law?

    a. Statutory law.
    b. Treaty.
    c. Administrative law.
    d. Judicial law.
    e. Executive order.

    2. What is the result of the "effects on interstate commerce" test?

    a. The federal government can regulate all interstate commerce that actually crosses state lines.
    b. Prior to enacting laws, states are required to identify any effects that the law might have on interstate commerce.
    c. The federal government can regulate a business activity that takes place within a single state if the activity has an effect on interstate commerce even though the regulated activity does not, itself, involve interstate commerce.
    d. Commercial speech protections apply only to speech that has an effect on interstate commerce.

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