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Organizations Creating Online Communities

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Find an example of an organization that has created an online community to market a product or service and answer the following questions:

What products or services is the organization attempting to market via its online community?
How does the organization engage consumers?
Do you feel that the organization is successful in generating consumer interest for its products and services? Why or why not?
Does the organization rely on professionally created content, user-generated content, or a combination of both?
If users are generating content, how is it being utilised? To market a product? For product development?

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What products or services is the organisation attempting to market via its online community?

The company is Holy Clothing and it is a maker of apparel for women, including plus sizes. As a matter of fact, many of their clothing is offered in plus sizes only. The twist is the styling is era based, with Victorian, Goth, Romance, and other styles offered. The fabric is soft and has stretch and lies perfectly. Much of the offering catalog is embroidered. The fabrics are colorful and offered in sizes from small to 3X. Most are available in Large to 3X.

A lot of the work is done by hand and the patterns are created by hand. The fabric is viscose, a supple, yet light material. It dyes well and offers the ability to match the trims with the material in colors. The colors and styles work well for larger women, and the patterns are meant to fit them as well as it fits smaller women.
How does the organisation engage consumers?

The organization has a Facebook page and an email newsletter that comes out regularly and notifies people of both contests and possible new ideas for patterns. The company owner interacts with customers and ...

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