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The project is to select three related e-Business Web sites and analyze the sites in terms of navigation, supply chain, marketing and legal ethical regulatory issues. This will be presented in a PowerPoint Presentation. I need to draft three to four slides of the presentation that describe legal ethical regulatory issues .

The three websites are all bank websites:
Bank of America
Wells fargo
Washington Mutual

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Bank of America
1. The link for opening the account is on the home page.
2. The link asks for your location;
3. The next page gives the choice of accounts, products and cards available.
4. This page offers investments, insurance and home loans.
5. The opening account button takes the navigator to examine the details of the different savings accounts and a live chat box opens up allowing you to chat with the bank official.
6. A pop up window appears. If you click it a form appears;

Supply chain:
1. Different elements of the supply chain is found on the home page of the website:
2. The products and services that are targeted at customers;
3. The management of the customer's accounts;
4. The different potions for taking a loan are listed on the home page:
1. The website offers several promotions and attractive offers;
2. Every page has some sales slogan like "most popular', no monthly fee or earn 5.10% APY;
3. This is promotion based marketing where there are cost advantages being offered at almost every page.
Legal/ethical/regulatory issues:
1. The website mentions that it is an equal housing lender:
2. It also says that ...

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