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    E-business mini project.

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    This question needs a detail and systematic plan.
    As a project manager you have been given $300,000.00 budget to move the ABC company into the 21st century
    by developing an e-business site. Presently company has a static webpage. What needs to be done?
    How do you strategize?

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    <br>There are many factors, which can influence the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign. Here are four factors, which are considered the most influential to the success of a campaign.
    <br>1. Creativity: As with any advertising campaign, success often hinges upon the creativity. Solid marketing strategies combined with effective creativity can significantly impact a company's revenues.
    <br>2. Targeting: The importance of targeting your advertising campaign is clear no matter where you spend your ad dollars. The real difference comes in your ability to accomplish your objectives.
    <br>3. Frequency: Determining optimal frequency can be the factor, which determines the effectiveness of any advertising campaign.
    <br>4. Content: Placing an ad relevant to the interests of the user will almost always result in higher click-through.
    <br>I would recommend developing a 1 yr. action plan. Divide up tasks and give a budget for each task.
    <br>An analysis of the environment is necessary to gauge forces that will influence the design of strategies. Use firstly a Strength-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis. List all the various characteristics of ABC under each of these four headings. Then compare how the strengths of ABC match its opportunities in the global marketplace; and how the weaknesses dicate the threats. Following the SWOT analysis, it is important to analyse the external environment using a Political-Economic-Social-Technological (PEST) model. List all ...