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CPA Vision Memo

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Review the information on the CPA Vision project provided at the AICPA's Web site, http://www.aicpa.org/vision/index.htm, and at http://www.cpavision.org/. Prepare a informational memo on the importance of aligning AIS with organizational goals, and critique the accounting uses of the Internet and Intranets. Your informational memo should address the following:

a. Roles played by AIS in achieving organizational goals and objectives
b. Examples of how these roles may impact various departments within the organization
c. Use of the Internet and intranets in implementing these systems

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CPAs are the trusted professionals who enable people and organizations to shape their future. Combining insight with integrity, CPAs deliver value by:

? Communicating the total picture with clarity and objectivity,
? Translating complex information into critical knowledge,
? Anticipating and creating opportunities, and
? Designing pathways that transform vision into reality.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "I have a dream," and what followed was a vision that changed a nation. That famous speech is a dramatic example of the power that can be generated by a person who communicates a compelling vision of the future.

Management author Tom Peters identified a clear vision of the desired future state of the organization as an essential component of high performance. A vision is a guiding image of success formed in terms of a contribution to society. If a strategic plan is the "blueprint" for an organization's work, then the vision is the "artist's rendering" of the achievement of that plan. It is a description in words that conjures up a similar picture for each member of the group of the destination of the group's work together.
A vision, is more encompassing. It answers the question, "What will success look like?" It is the pursuit of this image of success that really motivates people to work together.

A vision statement should be realistic and credible, well articulated and easily understood, appropriate, ambitious, and responsive to change. It should orient the group's energies and serve as a guide to action. It should be consistent with the organization's values. In short, a vision should challenge and inspire the group to achieve its mission. Thus I feel that the vision of CPA is realistic and credible.

a. Roles played by AIS in achieving organizational goals and objectives. How are these integrated with AIS and what are the risks of not aligning organizational goals with AIS.

Wisdom we have lost in knowledge?"
An appendage to this could be to add, "Where is the knowledge we have lost in data?" Truly with the explosion of IT the amount of data at one's disposal is enormous and the challenge is now to harness the power of knowledge hidden in the collage of data.
Thus when accountants first started to keep journals for a company, all that was used were pencil and paper, and then came the calculator. Now accounting information system is there to provide all kinds of information to the management. It helps in key management functions of planning, organization, leading, and evaluating as they all need the communication of information. There is a need of information to make decisions in management, and communication is the key for information that helps connect people together to achieve a shared purpose.
Many ...

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The solution writes a business memo for CPA Vision project in aligning AIS with organizational goals.

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