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    CPA vision project: move up value chain, types audit opinion

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    Please visit website http://www.aicpa.org for research help explain the CPA Vision Project in a paragraph.

    What is meant by "moving up the economic value chain," and how are CPAs going to accomplish this?

    Audit report search: Many companies publish their annual reports on their website, usually in an "Investor Relations" section. Visit several companies with which you are familiar to locate their annual report. Considering what you have learned from your e-book reading, course lecture, and Becker material, what type of audit report did these companies receive in their most recent annual reports?

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    CPA Vision Project

    The CPA vision project brought CPAs from across the country to develop a vision for the 21st century. 177 forums were held which includes over 3,000 professionals. These forums helpd to learn and define future opportunities for CPAs. The collective information became a base to help the profession navigate the changes in the marketplace. ...

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    A paragraph for each query assists with this. A snapshot of three audit opinions are given.