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    Payout Policy for House of Haddock

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    House of Haddock has 5,000 shares outstanding and the stock price is $140. The company is expected to pay a dividend of $20 per share next year and thereafter the dividend is expected to grow indefinitely by 5% a year. The president, George Mullet, now makes a surprise announcement: He says that the company will henceforth distribute half the cash in the form of dividends and the remainer will be used to repurchase stock.

    A. What is the total value of the company before and after the announcement? What is the value of one share?

    B. What is the expected stream of dividends per share for an investor who plans to retain his shares rather than sell them back to the company? Check your estimate of share vaue by discounting this stream of dividends per share.

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    a) Company value is unchanged at 5,000 x 140 = $700,000. The price for one share is ...

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