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Forecast ProForma Statements

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I need help creating spreadsheets for the following and explaining assumptions for Perry Ellis. (See attached)

Forecast ProForma Statements and Assumptions

? Sales Forecast, Income Statement (spreadsheet)
? Balance Sheet with AFN (spreadsheet)
? Document & explain assumptions

Financing plan

? Source of AFN funds
? Costs of funds (cost of capital, market considerations)
? Feedback into proforma & show updated results (spreadsheet)

Evaluate - are objectives met?
? Recommend action or changes
? NOTE: it is acceptable to conclude that this is a poor plan, and explain why.

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This provides the steps of preparing Forecast ProForma Statements

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The operating plan provides detailed implementation guidance designed to accomplish corporate objectives. It details who is responsible for what particular function, and when specific tasks are to be accomplished. The financial plan details the financial aspects of the corporation's operating plan. In addition to an analysis of the firm's current financial condition, the financial plan normally includes a sales forecast, the capital budget, the cash budget, pro forma financial statements, and the external financing plan. A sales forecast is merely the forecast of unit and dollar sales ...

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