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    Discuss footnotes for heavy equipment manufacturing company

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    Please find attached financial information of heavy equipment manufacturing industry.

    Based on the information provided prepare footnotes, which include the following:

    Nature of Operations
    Use of Estimates
    Revenue Recognition
    Cost of Products Sold
    Selling, General and Administrative Expense
    Cash Equivalents
    Investments - preliminary
    Inventory Valuation
    Property, Plant and Equipment

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    See the attached file for active links and the full P&G disclosures of accounting policies to use as a sample.

    Here is what I would do:

    First, Caterpillar would be a very similar corporation to your sample company. For the significant accounting policies disclosures, I used Yahoo and viewed the last annual report published February 22, 2011. It is the SEC Form 10K, and you want to view ...

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    The cited solution presents ideas and sources for disclosure items including a complete disclosure that can be used as a model for the fictious company.