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    Parsons, Inc. Balance Sheet Problems

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    Parsons, Inc. is a publicly owned company. The following information is excerpted from a recent balance sheet. Dollar amounts (except for per share amounts) are stated in thousands.

    Stockholders equity:

    Convertible $17.20 preferred stock, $250 par value,
    1,000,000 shares authorized; 345,000 shares issued and outstanding $86,250
    Common stock, par value $0.50; 25,000,000 shares authorized 6,819
    Additional paid-in capital 87,260
    Retained earnings 57,263
    Total Stockholders' equity $ 237,592


    A. How many shares of common stock have been issued?

    B. What is the total amount of the annual dividends paid to preferred stockholders?

    C. What is the total amount of paid in capital?

    D. What is the book value per share of common stock?

    E. Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages to Parsons being publicly owned rather than operating as a closely held corporation.

    F. What is meant by the term convertible used in the caption of preferred stock? Is there any more info investors need to evaluate this conversion feature?

    G. Assume that the preferred stock is selling at $248 per share. Does this provide a higher or lower dividend yield than an 8 percent, $50 par value preferred with a market price of $57 per share? Show computations (round to nearest tenth of 1 percent). Explain why one preferred stock might yield less than another.

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    A. We can calculate the number of shares using the total amount in common stock account and the par value.
    Amount in common stock = Number of shares issued X par value
    Number of shares issued = Amount in common stock/par value = 6,819,000/0.50 = 13,638,000 shares

    B. The annual per share dividend is $17.20. Number of preferred shares issued = 345,000
    Total annual dividend = 17.20 X 345,000 = $5,934,000

    C. Total amount of paid in capital is the amount received from the shareholders = Preferred stock + common stock + additional paid in capital = ...

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