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Examining stereotypes

There are many different races and national origins represented in the US workplace. Discuss at least three of the following and provide stereotypes that are associated with the race or national origin of your choice. Provide thoughts on the fallacy of the stereotype as well as identifying the stereotype.

Africian American
Pacific Islander
Native American

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Asians: In the United States and Canada the term Asian refers to people from East Asia and Southeast Asia. The term primarily refers to people from countries in the Orient such as China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. The following stereotype refers primarily to Oriental people.

A common stereotype about Asians is that they are all geniuses. While in certain cases Asians tend to exceedingly well in academics they generally represent a smaller percentage of the population and of classrooms so such a statistic can be misleading. This stereotype even extends to Asian adults: They are all hardworking and more likely to have a professional career. Although one would imagine that this stereotype would be a positive stereotype for Asians, many people in this group may have reasons ...

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This solution examines various stereotypes and how they may be applied to the workplace environment.