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Discuss: Principles of Information Systems

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Lets say that you currently work for a small private consulting company. It has been very successful in the current economy, but business has started to slow down. Your competitors have started implementing green technology. Your boss has asked you to research green technology and how you might be able to implement it at your company.

Can you answer these following questions as if I were your boss:
- What is green technology?
- Find a company exemplifies green technology. Summarize the company and how it uses green technology.
- How do you believe your consulting company can implement green technology? Provide at least two examples.
- How would "going green" affect the total cost of ownership (TOC) of information systems in your organization?

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The solution discusses the principles of information systems.

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According to Green Technology.org, the field of green technology is the use of methods and materials that help sustain the world. The techniques and products are considered non-toxic and will not harm further, the environment or its inhabitants. The catchword is "sustainability," a word used by many companies. The field includes reducing the use of resources, innovating products and technologies, creating economic activity that will care for the planet rather than damage it, and ...

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