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    Accounting: How to calculate dividends paid, debt-equity ratio, and book value of debt

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    36. The year-end 2010 balance sheet of Brandex Inc. listed common stock and other paid-in capital at $2,100,000 and retained earnings at $4,400,000. The next year, retained earnings were listed at $4,700,000. The firm's net income in 2011 was $1,000,000. There were no stock repurchases during the year. What were the dividends paid by the firm in 2011?

    37. A firm has a long-term debt-equity ratio of 0.3. Shareholders' equity is $.99 million. Current assets are $279,000, and the current ratio is 1.8. The only current liabilities are notes payable. What is the total debt-equity ratio?

    38. A firm has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.60 and a market-to-book ratio of 3.0. What is the ratio of the book value of debt to the market value of equity?

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