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    CVP Analysis and Price Changes

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    Argentina Partners is concerned about the possible effects of inflation on its operations. Presently,
    the company sells 60,000 units for $30 per unit. The variable production costs are $15, and fi xed
    costs amount to $700,000. Production engineers have advised management that they expect unit
    labor costs to rise by 15 percent and unit materials costs to rise by 10 percent in the coming year.
    Of the $15 variable costs, 50 percent are from labor and 25 percent are from materials. Variable
    overhead costs are expected to increase by 20 percent. Sales prices cannot increase more than
    10 percent. It is also expected that fixed costs will rise by 5 percent as a result of increased taxes
    and other miscellaneous fixed charges.
    The company wishes to maintain the same level of profit in real dollar terms. It is expected
    that to accomplish this objective, profits must increase by 6 percent during the year.
    a. Compute the volume in units and the dollar sales level necessary to maintain the present profi t
    level, assuming that the maximum price increase is implemented.
    b. Compute the volume of sales and the dollar sales level necessary to provide the 6 percent
    increase in profits, assuming that the maximum price increase is implemented.
    c. If the volume of sales were to remain at 60,000 units, what price increase would be required to
    attain the 6 percent increase in profits?

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