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    Comparing taxable income for married couples

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    Roy and Brandi are engaged and plan to get married. Roy is a full-time student and earns $9,000 from a part-time job. With this income, student loans, savings, and non- taxable scholarships, he is self-supporting. For the year, Brandi is employed and reports $61,000 wages. How much 2012 Federal income tax, if any can Brandi save if she and Roy marry in 2013 and file a joint return. What is the 2012 tax return if Roy and Brandi do not marry?
    Will Brandi save on her taxes if she and Roy marry?
    Do the calculation and write a 2 paragraph memo with the calculations and tax advice.

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    We need to calculate the variables given in this scenario. This scenario deals with the standard deduction. Roy is a full-time student and earns $9,000. Brandi is employed and receives $61,000 in W-2 income. We need to determine how much Brandi will save.

    If Brandi marries Roy, her standard ...

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    This solution shows how to calculate the difference between the two options, which include Brandi staying single or marrying Roy. The solution provides the student with information to craft his/her tax memo and advice regarding their current situation.