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Triple Bottom Line and Systems Theory

In what ways do Systems Theory and the Triple Bottom Line Theory support or negate each other?

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System Theory and Triple Bottom Line Theory Support Each Other
The system theory refers to the thinking about managing. The system theory provides a framework for viewing internal and external environmental factors as an integrated subsystem that supports organization to manage its activities effectively. On the other hand, triple bottom line theory incorporates three dimensions of performance such as social, environment and financial. These two theories support each other in terms of their framework. In this, the triple bottom line is an essence of system theory that supports system theory in nature. In addition, the triple bottom line theory measures the economy, environmental and social success of organizational performance that covers the system theory that includes the relationship between different parts of the organization to maintain flow of work (Crossman, 2008).

It is identified that in a large organization, the parts are assemble together and creates a relationship with each other. A small change in one part of the organization increases the possibility to change a large part of the organization. Moreover, it helps the ...

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