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    3 questions pertaining to The Making of the Brooklyn Bluebirds

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    3 questions pertaining to The Making of the Brooklyn Bluebirds (attached).

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    1. The conflict within the Bluebirds organization is two fold: an interest conflict in which the players are interested in being paid top salaries (in Russ Thompson's case, he wants the highest salary in the club), versus Trudy and Marty's interest which is winning games, and ultimately the pennant. In addition Trudy created a relationship conflict when she overrode Marty, and insisted he return the two players to the game, regardless of his intentions as team manager. Trudy and Russ also had a previous conflict based on his salary, which has evolved into a relationship conflict. Russ no longer feels respected on the team (because of his salary in relation to other players) and has become ...

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    This solution discusses the conflict involved in the Brooklyn Bluebirds organization. The solution outlines if the conflict is dysfunctional, and what a consultant could do to resolve the issues. It includes a link and examples.