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    Employees and Competitive Advantage

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    Select a company that you believe uses its employees to achieve a competitive advantage. Discuss how the employees effectively execute the strategy and how the company can sustain this position over time. Assess how employee training and development impacted Shangri-La Hotel strategy to "Delight Customers Each and Every Time."

    Evaluate whether or not Shangri-La Hotels' heavy investment in employee development yields a profitable return to the company.

    Evaluate Shangri-La Hotel at maintaining service quality in the expanded markets and suggest what it may have done differently in high-wage counties.

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    Employee training and development has impacted Shangri-La's strategy to "Delight Customers Each and Every Time"in a very positive way, due to the fact that increased levels of employee training and development, especially in the areas of customer service, have resulted in these employees being much more proficient at addressing the intricacies of employee customer relations. This training has helped to instill in employees that customers are the most valuable asset of this organization, and it is pertinent that employees make customers feel very special as well as satisfied with their experience at this ...