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Delivery and Hour Formats

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In terms of delivery and store hours, does one retail format have a sustainable advantage relative to other retail formats? Explain your answer.

I have identified the following formats:
The arrive by format used by e-retailers
The site to store format
Wekend delivery options
Buy online and pick up in store (in minutes)

I have briefly explained all of the formats already. I am looking for additional information because I have only one page and I need three. I don't think that either has a sustainable advantage but the buy online and pick up in store is the one that is least used and seemingly would have a greater competitive advantage over the others. I would like an answer other than my own on this so that I can expand my answer as well as provide additional references so that I can do additional research.

Please provide explainations and whether you think one has a sustainable competitive advantage over the others.

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By using the information provided here, with your own work, you should easily have your three pages and you can pinpoint some online to store delivery sites easily as well.

The site to store format and the buy online and pick up in store is very close in their advantages and only in delivery times is there a difference. These two may have more sustainability than the other formats because of their convenience to both the retailer and the consumer.

Sustainability is about attracting customers and providing products and services that the customer wants and needs an attractive price. More importantly, it provides those products and services in a way that helps the consumer, is easy and convenient. The company is seen as understanding the concerns of the consumer and in this case, time ...

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