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    What's better: Baseline pay or incentives and benefits?

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    Most job candidates are concerned with baseline pay. Incentives and benefits do very little to persuade a candidate to accept an organization's employment offer if baseline compensation is slightly below the candidate's expectations.

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    Generally, I would agree with these statements. Incentives and benefits are perks. That's all. They're like icing on a cake. They're not the cake. What's the good of icing on an unappetizing cake? Not much good. It's the weekly pay cheque that most people find important. Why? Because that's what the candidate can count on receiving each week to pay his bills.

    Financial concerns are certainly within the top three concerns that most Westerners have today -- possibly, "the" top concern itself. People want a sense of security from financial problems. Incentives and benefits don't really give this security. They're bonuses and extras -- not staples. Salary is ...

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    It is important to see many sides of a problem, especially in a field which will impact many of us during our lifetimes. I draw on my experience in the workplace to provide some personal insights into this question. What is "better," baseline pay or incentives and benefits?