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    Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured

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    Dillo Vineyards, a large winery in Texas, produces a full line of varietal wines. The company, whose fiscal year begins on November 1, has just completed a record-breaking year. Its inventory account balances on October 31 of this year were

    Materials Inventory $1,803,800
    Work In Process Inventory $2,764,500
    Finished Goods Inventory $1,883,200

    At the beginning of the year, the inventory account balances were
    Materials Inventory $2,156,200
    Work in Process Inventory $3,371,000
    Finished Goods Inventory $1,596,400

    During the fiscal year, the company's purchases of direct materials totaled $6,750,000. Direct labor hours totaled $142,500 and the average labor rate was $8.20 per hour.

    The following overhead costs were incurred during the year: Depreciation, plant, and equipment, $685,600
    Indirect Labor $207,300
    Property Tax, Plant & Equipment $94,200
    Plant Maintenance $83,700
    Small Tools $42,400
    Utilities $96,500
    Employee Benefits $76,100


    Prepare a statement of cost of goods manufactured for the fiscal year ending October 31

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