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    Amount of Expense Under Accrual Basis

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    I am having a problem with the following problem on accrual:
    The records for a company showed the following for 2007:

    Accrued expenses Jan 1 $1,800 Dec 31 $2,150
    Prepaid expenses Jan 1 $ 720 Dec 31 $ 870
    Cash paid during the year for expenses $42,500

    Show the computation of the amount of expense that should be reported on the income statement.

    I calculated it as $42,000 but I'm not sure that's correct.

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    The increase in accrued expense means that cash is not paid. The amount of expense for which cash is not paid is 2,150-1,800= 350.
    The ...

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    The solution explains how to calculate the amount of expense under accrual basis.