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Capital gain/loss transactions for Reed in 2007

During 2007, Reed had the following transactions involving capital assets:

Gain on the sale of customized ice-fishing cabin $8,000
(held for 11 months and used for recreational purposes

Loss from a garage sale (personal clothing, furniture, (6,000)
appliances held for more than a year)

Loss on the sale of GMC stock (held as an investment for (1,000)
10 months)

Gain on the sale of a city lot (held as and investment for 3,000
3 years)

a) If Reed is in the 28% tax bracket, how much income tax results?
b) If Reed is in the 15% braket?

I know that long term gains have the alternative tax computation if the tax payers regular tax bracket exceeds the applicable alternative tax, but in a) it does not.
In b) I think it drops to 5% for long term gains because he in the 15% or less category.

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Reed would have the following capital gain transactions:

Short term gain of $8000
No deductible loss on personal assets
Short term loss on GM stock of $1000
Long ...

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The solution explains the tax impact of each transaction and the calculations of capital gain tax. Also included are notes about the AMT tax as it could apply.