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    Relative Profitability / Screening of Projects

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    EXERCISE 18-16
    California company is trying to determine the relative profitability of two alternative investments. Investment A requires an initial cash outlay of $10,000 and has a net present value of $500. Investment B requires an initial cash outlay of $2,000 and has a net present value of $150. Compute the profitability index of each investment. Which alternative is more profitable?

    PRACTICE 18-16
    The company is considering eight capital investment projects. The company has a minimum required internal rate of return of 13% Screen and rank the eight capital investment projects using the internal rate of return.

    Project Exspected date of return
    S 14%
    T 24
    U 20
    V 10
    W 17
    X 9
    Y 12
    Z 18

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    EXERCISE 18-16

    Profitability Index (PI) = 1+ NPV/Initial Investment
    For Investment A, PI = 1+500/10,000=1.05
    For Investment B, PI = 1+150/2,000 = 1.075

    Investment B is more profitable since it has ...

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    The solution explains how to calculate the relative profitability of projects and how to screen projects based on the return generated by the projects