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    Present Value of a Lump Sum

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    P3-21. You plan to invest $2,000 in an individual retirement arrangement (IRA) today at a stated interest rate of 8 percent, which is expected to apply to all future years.

    a. How much will you have in the account at the end of 10 years if interest is compounded as follows?

    (1) Annually
    (2) Semiannually
    (3) Daily (assume a 360-day year)
    (4) Continuously

    b. What is the effective annual rate (EAR) for each compounding period in part a?

    c. How much greater will your IRA account balance be at the end of 10 years if interest is
    compounded continuously rather than annually?

    d. How does the compounding frequency affect the future value and effective annual rate for
    a given deposit? Explain in terms of your findings in parts a-c.

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