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    Accounting/Finance Questions

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    For accounting problem 1, do A-I for Atlantico.

    For accounting problem 2, do A for Tastee Fruit.

    For accounting problem, do A-H: acquire Corporation A or Corporation B.

    See the attached files for details.

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    Accounting Problem 2 (see attachment):
    TasteeFruit Company is a small producer of fruit-flavored frozen desserts. For many years, its products have had strong regional sales on the basis of brand recognition. However, other companies have begun marketing similar products in the area, and price competition has become increasingly important.

    John Wakefield, the company's controller, is planning to implement a standard-costing system and has gathered considerable information on production and materials requirements for TasteeFruit's products. He believes that the use of standard costing will allow the company to make better pricing decisions.

    TasteeFruit's most popular product is raspberry sherbet. The following information is provided:

    The sherbet is produced ...

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    The solution answers three questions with step-by-step details - 1. Master budget for Atlantico, 2. Standard Cost for Tastee Fruits and 3. Capital budgeting calculations for Corporation A and Corporation B. Excel documents are used (see attachments).