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    Budgets for the Largest Department Payrolls

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    Review the basic structure of this budget. Locate a variety of items that appear in a budget. These items could include the previous yearâ??s budget, transmittal letter, various departmentâ??s and fundâ??s budgets broken down, staffing, and the GFOA award for excellence in financial reporting.

    What is the largest department?
    How much is planned to be spent on payroll?
    Is there a Capital Improvement Plan?
    Why is the budget so important?
    What would it tell the resident?

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    What is the largest department?
    The largest department based on operating expenses is the Culture and Recreation Department of the City of Plattsmouth in Cass County.

    How much is planned to be spent on payroll?
    Unfortunately, the operating expenses presented in ...

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    The budgets for the largest department on payrolls are determined.