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Analyzing the given investment proposal

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A project costs $19,000 and promises the following cash flows:

Year 1 $12,500
Year 2 $ 6,000
Year 3 $ 3,000

The appropriate discount rate is 15% per year. Should you invest in this project?
Solve the problem and write a 50-100 word response explaining the results you obtained for the selected question.

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Let us first calculate the PV of cash inflows

Year Cash Inflow PV @15%
n Cn Cn/(1+15%)^n
1 $12,500 $10,869.57
2 $6,000 $4,536.86
3 $3,000 $1,972.55

PV of cash inflows=PV=$17,378.98
Initial Investment=Co=$19,000.00

NPV of ...

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