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    Accounting Rate of Return, Payback period, IRR

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    The directors of Makeit Ltd. Propose to buy a machine costing $300,000. At the end of 5 years the machine will be sold for $ 50,000. In each of the 5 years the machine will increase revenue by $160,000. Increased annual expenditure of $ 80,000 will be incurred. Makeit Ltd. will require an increase in working capital of $40,000. Machinery is depreciated on the straight line method."

    a) Calculate the accounting rate of return (ARR) which will result if the machine is purchased.
    b) Calculate the discounted payback period for the machine. (Discount rate =10%)
    c) i) Calculate the IRR
    ii) State with reasons whether the directors should purchase the machine.
    d) State the advantages and disadvantages of using the following methods:
    1) ARR
    ii) payback period

    See attached for details.

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    Step 1: Calculate the cash flow

    Tax rate is not mentioned. We will assume tax to be zero.
    Hence depreciation will not provide any tax shield.

    The cash flow will be on account of purchase of machine, operations, sale of machine and working capital requirements

    1) Cash flow from purchase and sale of machine:

    Year investment in machine sale of machine

    0 (300000)
    5 50000

    2) Cash flow from operations:

    Increase in revenue= $160,000
    Increase in expenses= $80,000
    Net cash flow from operations= $80,000

    Year Cash flow from operations:

    1 80000
    2 80000
    3 80000
    4 80000
    5 80000

    3) Cash flow from working capital requirements

    Year Cash flow from working capital requirements

    0 (40000) investment is made in working capital
    5 40000 investment is recouped

    Therefore total cash flow is:

    Year investment in machine free cash flow from operations investment in working capital cash flow from sale of machine Total

    0 (300,000) (40,000) (340,000)
    1 80,000 80,000
    2 80,000 80,000
    3 80,000 80,000
    4 80,000 80,000
    5 80,000 40,000 50,000 170,000

    a) Accounting ...

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    Evaluates a capital budgeting decision (purchase of a machine) using Accounting Rate of Return, Payback period and Internal Rate of Return. Also lists the advantages and disadvantages of using Accounting Rate of Return, Payback period, Internal Rate of Return.