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    Expected Return Volatility Beta: Determine which stocks should be bought or sold

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    2. Assume that the CAPM is a good description of stock price returns. The market expected return is 7% with 10% volatility and the risk-free rate is 3%. New news arrives that does not change any of these numbers but it does change the expected return of the following stocks:

    Expected Return Volatility Beta

    Green Leaf 12% 20% 1.5
    NatSam 10% 40% 1.8
    HanBel 9% 30% 0.75
    Rebecca Automobile 6% 35% 1.2

    a. At current market prices, which stocks represent buying opportunities?
    b. On which stocks should you put a sell order in?

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    First, determine the rate of return for each of the investments using the capital asset pricing model.

    Security Expected ...

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    The solution calculates the stocks represent buying opportunities and which stocks should be sold.