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    CAPM Analysis

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    Briefly set out arguments in favour of - and against - the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), outline its uses and make a critique of its underlying assumptions.

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    Kindly find attached tutorial having some ideas and explanation related to CAPM.

    Capital asset pricing model is basically used for the cost of the securities that are at risk. This model defines the relation between the amount of risk and the return that is expected. This mainly focused on the cost and risk factor that are generally the basic need of the investors.
    In this model, investors perform where the free information is available in the perfect market to all who are investing. Investors are not supposed to overcome by the risks. Assets are available to the individuals for many times. All the investors have the same time period to invest the money. Income tax and cost of the transaction is not available to the investors (Fama and French, 2013).
    Assumptions of CAPM:
    This model does not provide safety to the ...

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    This response, in brief, provides critical analysis of CAPM model and presents its uses.