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    Tools and techniques of decision making

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    I need to write apaper on tool and techniques decision making
    i have to dicuss description of the tool or technique as well an application example
    also when one would and when one would not use tools and technique.

    I need some ideas
    Please . i will Appreciate your help.

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    Decision making ia a mix of Science and art
    It should include the following six steps:

    1. Define the problem, characterizing the general purpose of your decision.
    2. Identify the criteria, specifying the goals or objectives that you want to be able to accomplish.
    3. Weight the criteria, deciding the relative importance of the goals.
    4. Generate alternatives, identifying possible courses of action that might accomplish your various goals.
    5. Rate each alternative on each criterion, assessing the extent to which each action would accomplish each goal.
    6. Compute the optimal decision, evaluating each alternative by multiplying the expected effectiveness of each alternative with respect to a criterion times the weight of the criterion, then adding up the expected value of the alternative with respect to all criteria.

    We can then pick the alternative with the highest expected value and ...

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