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    Steps of the Decision Making Process

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    I am in a critical thinking class and am having trouble finding a written overview for the decision making processes. I understand problem identification and formulation but are there specific names or steps for the decision making processes?

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    Steps in the Decision Making Process:

    1. Define the Problem: For obvious reasons, there is a need to define a problem so that a decision making process is undertaken. First thing to do is to state the problem that has to be solved and the desired outcome or goal after the decision. It is important that there is a clear understanding of the problem. If the problem is not stated correctly, then everything else in the decision making process goes wrong.

    2. Identify the Alternatives: The need to decide on something arises when there are options that are available to choose from. State and develop the alternatives for the specific situation. Alternatives arise from obvious options or it may be a product of one's creativity that may sometimes look irrelevant. Sometimes identifying alternatives may just mean doing something or not doing it. All types of alternatives must be ...

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