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Management style of Nortel CEO Frank Dunn

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Nortel CEO Frank Dunn was let go.

Identify his management style.
How did his style effect Nortel letting him go?

Must be in business memorandum form.

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Nortel Employee Communications Memo

Date xx-xx-xxxx

Subject - Dismissal of Mr. Frank Dunn

There is much media and news about the recent Nortel management changes and most notably, the change in Nortel's CEO. Nortel believes in open communications with its workforce and therefore we want to set the record straight.

Nortel, along with all companies, needs to maintain financial and accounting practices with the highest levels of integrity. Integrity is a delicate jewel. Building integrity in leaders and their organizations takes time, continuous effort and cannot be feigned. It takes time to establish corporate integrity but it can easily be lost through the practices of just one employee. We will not tolerate any practices that led to the demise of a number of companies earlier in this century.

Mr. Dunn, as a result on internal audit, was found to have used questionable financial practices that resulted in our reported ...

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