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Public Policy: Evaluate whether a policy has achieved measurable objectives

Simply designing and implementing a policy is not enough to guarantee the success of a program - it also involves evaluating the progress of that policy in order to make any necessary adjustments to increase quality and efficacy. Pick a public policy that has been in the news recently, and evaluate whether that policy has achieved measurable objectives, and if not, why the policy has not met the expectations of its policy designers. You may select, for example, policies regarding education (e.g., No Child Left Behind), the economy (e.g., cutting taxes for middle-class taxpayers), or foreign policy (e.g., American military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan). Be sure to include what criteria you used to evaluate whether the policy succeeded or failed.

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Expanded Value Added Tax (EVAT) Policy: An Evaluation

Taxation is considered as fiscal policy, a tool utilized by the government to solve an economic problem. Implemented correctly and timely, it intends to reduce inflation rate. Inflation is a situation where there is a sustained increase in prices of commodities, particularly basic commodities. Taxation, a fiscal policy, intends to reduce the so-called demand-pull inflation, a type of inflation in which the increase in price is caused by an increase in aggregate demand, without any change in supply. By imposing higher tax rates, households will be discouraged to buy more because their disposable income has been reduced by an additional tax rate. With reduced demand, the demand curve will shift to the left, or downwards, resulting to a decrease in the equilibrium price, or a reduced inflation rate. Hence, imposition of additional tax or tax rates, if done because of an economic need (or it is appropriate in a given economic condition) would help reduce inflation rate. Done otherwise, it will adversely affect the economy.
The policy that will be discussed through this report is the expanded value added tax, imposed by one of the countries in Asia. Value added ...

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