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    Program Evaluation and Success

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    Simply designing and implementing a policy is not enough to guarantee the success of a program - it also involves evaluating the progress of that policy in order to make any necessary adjustments to increase quality and efficacy. Pick a public policy that has been in the news recently, and evaluate whether that policy has achieved measurable objectives; and if not, why the policy has not met the expectations of its policy designers. You may select, for example, policies regarding education (e.g., No Child Left Behind), the economy (e.g., cutting taxes for middle-class taxpayers), or foreign policy (e.g., American military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan). Be sure to include what criteria you used to evaluate whether the policy succeeded or failed.

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    A public policy that has been in the news is the Federal Funds Rate. This policy is related to the economy. The Federal Reserve sets the Federal Funds Rate. The rate has been kept at the low rate of 0.25. The objective of the low Federal Funds rate has been to encourage growth, and reduce unemployment. The policy has been moderately successful.

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