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    Discussing Small Business Management

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    Please use the link at the bottom of this post and see pg 519 situation 1. I need help with ideas for question 1,2, and 3. I need to answer the three questions separately and I am just asking for ideas of what can i say. In order to answer the 3 questions, I have to read only situation 1.


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    The idea of giving away a product for free to consumers is one way to get the product name out there and getting consumers interested in buying the product in the future.""Giveaways have helped introduce more people to our brand and learn what our products are all about," says Frey, whose company is also online and distributes nationally" (Levine, 2012). Many new products are introduced to consumers through the sampling techniques and through giving away free products for consumers to try without expending one cent. The idea is that these consumers will fall in love with the product and then come back to purchase the product. This also creates the word-of-mouth idea in that consumers that love the product will tell all his or her friends about the product whom will also search for said product - buying to try unless they too are able to find the free product giveaways that their friends found. Through sampling and testing scenarios owners can identify the markets needed for them to get their products to the consumers and can create the best marketing scheme that will bring these customers to buy these products. The idea that the product will be what consumers want is usually why business owners use the free giveaways to introduce the product to consumers, but can also help these owners to learn firsthand that the product needs altering to meet the intended consumer wants. Giveaways are also great ways for companies to give to those that are less fortunate and create a write off at the end of the year or to support local shelters as is the case with Frey whose focus is on providing ...

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