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Decision-Making Model Application

What are the strengths to using a decision-making model? What are the limitations? When would you use a decision-making model? Minimum 250 words

How do personal, cultural, and organizational values impact ethical decision making? Minimum 250 words

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1. A decision making model can help a manager ascertain whether he or she is moving in the right direction of making a decision on a complicated issue. Decision making models are built on scientific research of the human psychology and practical implications, so early or middle career managers who have not had much experience in the filed might find using a decision making model very helpful. Besides, many a time even an experienced manager cannot visualize or anticipate issues which might be hiding in the background or may crop up unexpectedly during the process. A decision making model may help the manager visualize some of these issues, and even though the model might not be specific to the situation in hand (as every situation is largely unique), the practise of using a model often can give the acumen or training a manager might need when being faced with an issue in reality.

As stated earlier, the primary limitation of a decision making ...

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This in-depth solution of 629 words explains the strengths and limitations of a decision-making model and also includes real-life examples where these models would be used. It also discusses how personal, cultural and organizational values impact ethics in decision-making.